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Dhritarashtra | Karmê Chöling


Mythical King and Guardian of the East, Leader of Celestial Musicians

Traveling up hill on the retreat road, then following a winding trail deep into the woods, one passes several spiky old pine trees that seem to stand guard over the remote site of this cabin. Dhritarashtra stays cool all summer long in its shaded spot, but a gap in the tree line opens into a sunny glen, visible from the porch. The cozy interior resembles that of the Great Eastern Sun cabin, symmetrical and well-designed.

Fueled by a wood-burning stove, and well-stocked with firewood, Dhritarashtra is a cozy cabin in which to spend your winter meditation retreat.
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Prayer flags warm the winter landscape at Dhritarastra, one of seven solitary retreat cabins at Karmê Chöling.

Windows in every corner brighten Dhritarashtra’s interior.


Karmê Chöling’s rustic solitary retreat cabins are heated by wood-burning stoves.

Our Cabins

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