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Peggy Davis Ride Request Karmê Chöling 07/13/2019 brontis05@gmail.com

Searching for a ride from Karmê Chöling to Montreal or other town for the 13th July. Thanks !

Peggy Davis Ride Request Montreal (QC) 06/28/2019 brontis05@gmail.com

Searching for a ride, pick up anywhere in Montreal or another town to Karme Choling for the 28th June.

Marcelene Celiz Ride Offer Hanover 06/01/2019 marceleneceliz@gmail.com

Rides available for the summer..... from Hanover to Karme Choling or Karme Choling to Hanover. Let me know a couple of days in advance.

Pam Williams Ride Request Karme Choling 06/09/2019 pamelaawilliams@gmail.com

Looking for a ride to DDL leaving late Saturday or early Sunday morning immediately after breakfast on the weekend of June 10th

Also looking potentially for a ride to KCL the preceding week from New York /Albany area.

Jessica Stern Ride Request Montpelier, VT 06/28/2019 jagstern@gmail.com

I would be very grateful for a ride to the Montpelier area on 6/28 for the Kyudo First Shot program, as well as a ride back to Montpelier on 6/30. Happy to help with gas and driving!

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