Karme Choling Residential Shambhala Buddhist Community

Karmê Chöling Residency

Nestled in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, Karmê Chöling offers contemplative retreats and extended residencies to inspire wisdom and compassion in our daily lives. As part of the global community of Shambhala, we are dedicated to awakening our human hearts with kindness, bravery, and genuine dialogue.
Living in a Shambhala community offers the camaraderie and support needed to deepen as meditators and progress on our path as good human beings. If you have questions about living at Karmê Chöling, please email Nathan Railla.

Featured Programs

May 14 - 16

Being Strategically Kind

with Dr. Eva Wong

Join Eva Wong, translator, scholar, and strategy consultant for a workshop on how to work with challenging environments in a non-aggressive, kind, and cooperative way.

May 16 - 21

Qigong Practice and Study Retreat - Immortal Lu Dongbin's Classic on Internal Alchemy *

with Dr. Eva Wong

Lu Dongbin's classic Treatise on Internal Alchemy is now translated for the first time and will be the principal text of this practice and study retreat.

May 21 - 23

Free and Easy Wandering in the Spirit World

with Dr. Eva Wong

Join Eva Wong, practitioner of the mystical path of Shangqing Taoism, in wandering the realms of the spirit world. Walk the paths of the stars and mountains to probe the

July 16 - 18

Entering the Magical World of Taoism

with Dr. Eva Wong

Join Eva Wong, a practitioner of the Shanqing and Kunlun systems of Magical Taoism, in exploring a form of Taoism that few in the western world have experienced.

July 18 - 23

Qigong for Life - Organizing Your Qigong Practice

with Dr. Eva Wong

Join Eva Wong and fellow qigong practitioners in discovering, exploring, and celebrating the richness of qigong.

Community News

  • KCL Seeks Director of Operations
    Karmê Chöling is one of the oldest retreat centers in North America and located in the beautiful green hills of rural Vermont. We are at a nexus in our development, having successfully introduced a long term residential program geared primarily… Continue reading
  • Yes: Karmê Chöling Still Offers Programs – and is Expanding Them
    Someone asked on Facebook recently if Karmê Chöling would still be offering programs now that it’s a residential Shambhala community. The first answer is, it never stopped. Our online programming — from Shambhala Training Levels and Dakini Wisdom to Lucid… Continue reading
  • KCL Shrinks its Deficit
    Karmê Chöling has lowered its monthly deficit substantially in the last month by following through on plans to host a Residency program, a financial snapshot compiled last week shows. “Residency has reduced what would have been a $10,000 deficit per… Continue reading
  • Artists in Residence
    A violinist, three writers, an animator and a sewing circle have made a Dharma Arts Space in what was once the Aloka Children’s room at Karme Choling.  The space was refurbished last summer to include sunny new windows and built-in… Continue reading
  • Residency update: 14 and counting
    Eight new residents walked through the Dharma Door Saturday, boosting Karmê Chӧling’s population to 27 and signaling that its transformation into a residential meditation center holds real promise. In April, Executive Director Betsy Railla announced plans for Karmê Chӧling Residency,… Continue reading
  • Resident Spotlight: Alley Smith-Morrissey
    Recently, I medically retired from the military and came to Karmê Chöling.  I served in both the Marine Corps (active duty) and the Navy Reserve.  For my entire military career, we have been at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And… Continue reading
  • Deepening our embodied practices outside of therapy
    This article was previously published at buddhistpsychotherapyny.com  by Alison Pepper. More and more people are talking about the ways we work with and heal trauma in the therapeutic setting. As the understanding and culture around trauma has shifted so to… Continue reading